City Express Silao Aeropuerto

Five minutes from the Bajío International Airport, which serves the cities of Silao, León and Guanajuato, is the City Express Silao. Staying at a hotel at the airport is an advantage, especially when you have to take advantage of every minute of the day without sacrificing time on transfers from one meeting to another.

Silao is not only strategically located in the cruise that links León, Guanajuato and Irapuato, but also houses a variety of national and international companies such as the General Motors factory, among others.

Cerro del Cubilete, crowned with a 20-meter statue of Cristo Rey is 20 kilometers from the city. The sanctuary is one of the most important tourist-religious destinations in all of Mexico. At the Cristo Rey party on November 21, thousands of pilgrims visit the Basilica and the Cristero Museum.

The beautiful city of Guanajuato is 35 minutes away from City Express, so if you have time to get away, and have never been there, we encourage you to visit it. It is a city that contains the history of the beginning of the battle for the independence of Mexico and that every year welcomes the Cervantino Festival.