Helados Finos La Flor De Dolores

The Flor de Dolores is a family company dedicated to the elaboration of snow and artisan ice cream, it has been 37 years in the market of the city of Dolores Hidalgo. It is worth mentioning that it has to its credit a number of different tropical fruit flavors as well as flavors type Gourmet, traditional and cactus fruits, it also has a considerable number of  Municipal, State and International recognitions and participations in international and national events and different events of tourism for the State of Guanajuato.

The Flor de Dolores opens its doors in the city of Dolores Hidalgo in the year of 1979, having as founder Mr. Antonio García and Ms. Teresa Moncada. It is located in the municipality of Dolores Hidalgo, in the center of the city, just a short walk from our Centre which in addition gives it a strategic position to be a necessary step on the way of the parish of our Lady of Sorrows and the Museum José Alfredo Jiménez in addition to tell around different shops as museums and restaurants and being one of the main avenues of the city and has an influx of tourists and people from the municipality.

The company in its early days was devoted to the production of ice cream and popsicles. As time passed, the business developed and more products were offered as cool water, and likewise grew up the menu of flavors in their products. In the mid-80s, it began to develop flavours of ice-cream with fruit of cacti such as the garambullo, delete...

The company has made changes in equipment and material of operation:

  • In terms of sustainability in the field of disposable products used previously plastic cups and Styrofoam, now used biodegradable cardboard cups.
  • with new equipment, new freezers were acquired since they work on the issue of freezing with lighter gas which is more efficient in power consumption.
  • changes were made in the lighting system, changed light by led light bars.
  • the floor of the establishment was changed to ensure the safety off staff and customers, the floor is put is a non-skid floor...
  • whit the change of floor also made a change to let in flush so that people with disabilities do not carry out any extra effort to enter the establishment.