Xàbia is a coastal town located in Comunidad Valenciana, in the north of the province of Alicante and Costa Blanca. It is the larger Eastern Population of the region of Marina Alta.Xàbia, surrounded by sea and mountain, is framed by the foothills of Les Planes in the Cap de Sant Antoni, to the north, with 167 meters above sea level; to the northwest is the Montgó with 753 meters of height; to the west lies the wide valley of the river Gorgos that crosses the term from west to east, and to the south, the mountains of La Granadella, which extended on a platform of 200 meters high and the Cap de la Nao.

Xàbia has a very mild climate throughout the year. Thanks to the mountain barrier of the Montgó the locality is protected from continental cold of the winter and benefits from the sea winds and the elevator breezes that soften the heat of the summer.

The climate of Xàbia is considered the second best microclimate in the world. The annual temperature average is 18 °, broken down by months as follows: January 11, February 11, March 14, April 16, May 19, June 23, July 26, August 27, September 23, October 19, November 15 and December 13.

The color green predominates in the landscape, although it does not rain very often, Xàbia has much water in its underground.

Thereby, it is believed that one of the possible origins of its name comes from the Arabic word "Xábiga", a kind of "well or cistern", and by the amount of these elements that inhabitated the place.

Precipitation happens with the Mediterranean precipitation system,that is to say they are very heavy in a short period of time, concentrating mainly in the months of September, October and November. These typical precipitations of the Mediterranean are popularly known as "cold drop".

In addition to the numerous water sports that can be practiced in Xàbia, there are other possibilities of practicing active tourism, as is the case of hiking in its rich natural landscapes and other sports such as cycling, climbing, horse riding, etc.

xabia sustainable destination
xabia sustainable destination
xabia sustainable destination
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