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What is Biosphere Certification for companies?

The Biosphere Sustainable platform and methodology is aimed at any company that interacts, directly or indirectly, with the tourism sector. In order to offer a comprehensive and personalised service, our system recognises more than 24 different types of companies, adapting the plans according to the specific characteristics of each one of them. This ensures that you can find the most suitable profile for your entity.

From hotels, restaurants and shops of all kinds, to media companies, service providers and academic institutions, Biosphere is suitable for any business, whether you are self-employed, SME or large company, automatically designing a catalogue of work for your business reality from the moment you register. This way, we manage to show you from the very first moment a complete set of possible sustainable activities and actions that you can implement in your company, real, viable and scalable for your typology.

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What to do?

As you devise your strategies, you have the opportunity to transform your sustainable intentions into impactful actions. Lack of information or knowledge are the enemies of any business, as they make it difficult to spot potential practices that we can easily adopt. With Biosphere, you will find this knowledge and much more.

How to do it?

There are various ways to contribute to the same Sustainable Development Goals and achieve the 169 targets of the 2030 Agenda. The key is to identify the most suitable path based on your business’s reality, available resources, time and human factor. With Biosphere, you will see all the options to develop a sustainable action plan, and you can choose and work on what is most suitable for your business model.

How to measure it?

Sustainability is not a sprint; it’s a long-distance race. The path you’ve already taken can be an ally for your sustainability plan. However, it’s only through monitoring and evaluating your efforts that you will be able to detect opportunities for improvement, identify new good practices and build on what you have already worked on. With Biosphere, you can control your sustainability information in real-time and establish your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Biosphere suitable for my sector and business activity?

The Biosphere Sustainable methodology adapts to any company, showing a battery of possible and viable sustainable activities to implement according to the typology. You can register for a user account (email and password) and register your company completely free of charge and without any commitment, identifying the typology for its creation. Once you have registered your profile, you will be able to access the complete catalogue of possible actions and activities that could be applied to your entity. It's important to remember that this software is a tool for continuous improvement, which means that it offers hundreds of sustainable actions and activities to help you gradually improve your efforts in sustainability, according to your business reality and resources.

How much does the certification process cost, and are there any additional costs during the process?

Biosphereisoffered through an annual subscription model, with a single payment per year of €359 percompany. Before subscribing, you can try the system completely free of charge for 5 days. Once you pay your subscription fee by credit or debit card, through the secure payment platform, you will have full access to all management and certification servicesforyour business’s sustainability, without any additional cost throughout the year.It is important to notethat the audit and certification process is included in the annual fee, without any additional charge. However,the service will only be activated once you demonstrate the 100% of minimum efforts in the system.

What are the minimum requirements for certification?

Biosphere Certified is a badge that recognises the sustainable efforts implemented by the company and its continuous work based on its dynamic corporate sustainability management plan. To obtain the certification, a company must evidence the good practices it already implements in each and every one of the SDGs and areas of sustainability, demonstrating that it contributes to the fulfilment of the 17 SDGs, the 169 targets of the 2030 Agenda and the 3 areas of sustainability in a comprehensive and holistic manner.  Depending on the actions and activities that a company assigns and evidences to its personalised plan, the platform shows in real-time how it is focusing its efforts according to SDGs and sustainability areas. Thus, the company can monitor its progress in aligning its business management with sustainability and the 2030 Agenda at all times. The platform notifies the company when it reaches the optimal level of sustainable efforts, allowing it to request the audit. Successful completion of this 100% online process will award the company with the Biosphere Certified hallmark.

Can I be certified as a chain or group of companies?

Each business unit of the group must undertake its own individual underwriting, develop its customised plan and pass its own annual audit process. (being able in some cases to provide common evidence such as corporate protocols adopted by all units). This is the only way to guarantee the verification of individual and effective sustainable practices and efforts that are truly implemented in each unit of the group or chain This approach highlights and demonstrates how each entityisworkingtowardssustainability,while alsoassessing and monitoring that all of them adopt sustainability models. If you want to subscribe 6 or more companies in your group or chain, remember that thanks to the design of the Biosphere platform, you can have control and visualisation of all your business units with a special corporate functionality. Check out the Biosphere section for chains and groups for more information.

What does the annual subscription to Biosphere Sustainable include?

The annual platform subscription fee includes full access to the platform's functionalities and services, including the annual audit and certification process. The annual subscriptionalso provides access to explanatory tutorials,a catalogue of possible sustainable, viable and scalable activities to be carried out by your company,and the abilityto assign and work on them at your own pace in your Biosphere plan. Furthermore, if your company achievesthecommitment and certification distinctions (Committed and Certified), you will be able to download different communication and dissemination materials with metadata so that you can share yoursustainableefforts and achievements with your clients, collaborators and other stakeholders in real-time. These downloadable certification materials are recognised and accepted byleading OTAs and search engines such as Booking, Google, Agoda, Easyjet, TUI and Expedia.

How is the renewal process like and how often does it take place?

Renewal of your annual subscription will occur automatically as long as it remains valid. After the first audit, subsequent renewals will undergo a random review process, where an external third-party auditor will check the validity of existing and new evidence reported on the platform without prior notice or request. If your company does not pass the annual review, you will need to address the non-conformities in order to maintain the validity of your certification.