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Biosphere for free for companies in member destinations

Biosphere Destinations are destinations whose municipalities, tourism or territorial management bodies carry out sustainability plans for their alignment with the 2030 Agenda, under the guidance of the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI). As member destinations of the Biosphere community, these territories have, among their sustainable commitments, the mission to involve all stakeholders within the territory, so that the efforts and good practices are common and shared by all: companies, institutions, citizens and tourists.

The business network is an essential pillar in this circle to achieve the sustainability of destinations. For this reason, any territory that forms part of the Biosphere community provides its companies with bonuses to encourage them to manage and recognise their business sustainability plans. This aid takes the form of destination linking codes, which contain a discount of up to 100% for annual subscriptions to Biosphere for companies.

Request code for my destination

How does the destination code work?

You will have to request your destination code on their official website, using a corporate email address and indicating the name and website of your company. After a few checks, you will receive your code by email, with all the steps to enter it and enjoy your discount. Read on to discover the complete list of Biosphere destinations that offer the full bonus to their companies.

Free subscription

All the services included in the annual subscription to Biosphere for companies at 0 cost. You will be able to register and access all the services for the management and recognition of your business sustainability without having to make any payment.

Further promotion

The visibility and positioning of your company will be enhanced in the framework of a destination that works for its sustainability as a whole. Your company profile will get more impressions by being included in the destination's communications and profiles.

Additional services

By linking your company to your destination, you will be able to enjoy free of charge all the services offered to its companies, such as training, personalised consultancy services and many more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do these destination codes provide? Will my company have to pay for them?

Biosphere is contracted by annual subscription, making a single payment per year of €359/company. Biosphere destination linking codes act as discount coupons of up to 100%, depending on the bonus provided by the destination to its companies. If you have a destination linking code, you will be able to enjoy this subscription at no cost to your company. You will have full access to all the management and certification services of your business sustainability, at no cost throughout the year. Remember that the audit and certification process is included in the subscription, at no additional charge, but the service will only be activated once you have demonstrated 100% of minimum efforts in the system.

What are the requirements to obtain a destination bonus code?

First of all, you have to check if your destination is a Biosphere destination and if it offers this type of bonus to its companies. You can check this information from the list on our website. If your destination offers this line of assistance, go to its official Biosphere website and request the code. In order to validate your application, you must leave as contact details a corporate email, the link to your company's website and your company name. In this way, the destination will be able to check if your business activity is carried out in that territory and, if it is verified correctly, they will provide you with the code so that you can insert it in your Biosphere profile, applying the bonus automatically in your shopping cart.

What if I am already a Biosphere member and my destination becomes part of the community?

If your company was subscribed to Biosphere before your destination decided to start its sustainable commitments with our community, this is great news for you! It means that, from that moment on, your new annual subscriptions will become subsidised. Remember that these codes depend on the destinations themselves and the bonuses they wish to provide to their companies. Keep up to date with our communications so that you don't miss any news about your destination. If it becomes part of Biosphere, ask us for information so that you don't miss the opportunity to enjoy our services at no cost.

¿Puedo suscribirme sin utilizar el código de mi destino?

Of course! You can always decide to pay the annual subscription fee, avoiding being tied to your destination. However, you will lose incredible benefits such as: the bonus of your subscription, the appearance of your company in highlighted sections in Biosphere destination communications, and access to additional services that the destination may offer to companies in its programmes, such as training actions, consultancy services, among others.

Will the destination's code still apply to my subscription renewals?

As long as the destination continues to be a member of the Biosphere community, and wishes to maintain the line of participation for its business network with a bonus, this service will remain active. From the moment the destination code is entered, the company has unlimited bonus access for 365 days. In the days prior to the expiry of the subscription, the company will be notified if it needs to renew the subscription. Otherwise, the process will be carried out automatically without interrupting the services.

Can I have multiple discount codes and coupons?

Destination codes, multi-entity codes (for groups and company chains) as well as special discount coupons are available. However, their simultaneous use is limited to the application of the code with the most beneficial discount for your company at any given time.