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Biosphere develops certifications to guarantee compliance with the principles of sustainability and continuous improvement, through a private, voluntary and independent certification system.

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We have delegations located in 8 countries from all around the world to provide the necessary help and support to companies and tourism destinations.


Sustainable tourism courses with professional tutors assigned . Receive tools, material and information necessary to become an expert in the sector.



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Aldeias Históricas, the country's first carbon neutral destination

Aldeias Históricas de Portugal plans to become the first Village Network at European level to benefit from a water and energy efficiency position, in order to become a sustainable urban network and a pioneer in its contribution to the green growth of low-density territories.

Destination Greater Victoria certifies its sustainable efforts with Biosphere

Destination Greater Victoria is the first urban Canadian destination to implement and recognise an action plan on the 2030 Agenda and the UN's 17 SDGs.