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Biosphere helps you to define, organise and make your sustainable goals and priorities visible. A model to work on your own personalised sustainability plan: you decide which criteria to include in your plan, organising your efforts by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and United Nations goals. Our system contributes to highlighting your good practices and improving your positioning, allowing your organisation to reach a market that is looking for more sustainable experiences.

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Rural tourism: an engine for local environmental, economic and social development.

EscapadaRural and Biosphere share current trends in rural tourism and their positive impact on the development of local communities.
Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards 2023

New edition 2023 of the Skål Biosphere Sustainable Special Award

For the fifth consecutive year, Skål International continues its collaboration with Biosphere© and the Responsible Tourism Institute to award the "Skål Biosphere Sustainable Special Award" to each of the winners of the Sustainable Tourism Awards 2023.