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What is Biosphere Certification for chains and groups?

With the design of our online platform, your hotel chain or business group’s corporate entity will have control and visualisation of all the entities and business units of the group that manage their sustainability plans with Biosphere Sustainable. 

With this special functionality for groups and chains of 6 or more entities subscribed to Biosphere, the corporate entity can assign a user as corporate manager, with access to the sustainability plans of each of the companies in the group, visualising their progress and evidence, for global management and monitoring in real-time, from a single platform. Thus, the director of each entity or another designated personnel will have access to manage the specific sustainability plan of their company. Both the corporate chain and the individual entity will be able to take advantage of the benchmarking benefits that this platform can offer them, such as having a database with all the sustainable information of each unit of the group for the comparison, measurement and monitoring of the most relevant KPIs in terms of sustainability, such as energy consumption and savings, water, or carbon footprint calculation.

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Biosphere for corporates

Deals and discounts

If you are interested in applying the Biosphere system in more than 5 business units of your group or chain, ask us for a personalised quote. With Biosphere for corporates, you can benefit from incredible rebates and discounts for number of subscriptions! You can start the 5-day free trial period and see if our system works for you. When you are sure, write to us and ask for your group discount.

Exclusive functionalities

You will unlock a special management and monitoring dashboard, designed exclusively for corporate clients. With a central monitoring panel, you will be able to manage the sustainability plans of all the companies in your group, providing you with an essential tool for making strategic corporate decisions. You will be able to unlock this functionality after subscribing 5 entities of your group, by contacting Biosphere's technical team.

360º Access

You can create two user roles with different permissions: The corporate sustainability plan manager user, and the corporate manager user. The former will have permissions to work on the individual plans of one or as many companies of the group as necessary. The second will have access to the special corporate dashboard. And if you need a 360º vision, don't worry, because the same user can have both roles at the same time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a corporate plan that applies to all the companies in my group or chain?

Yes, when you request your personalised proposal as a corporate entity, depending on the particularities of your group or chain, you can receive a special service that will allow you to first create a demo corporate entity, to work on an initial plan that applies to all the companies in your group or chain. Although a corporate demo profile can be created in the first instance, upon request to the Biosphere team, this profile will never be certified by the Biosphere system.

The creation of this corporate sustainability action plan, common to all the hotels of the chain or companies of the group, allows you to upload the evidence and information that would apply equally to all the entities of the group. Once all the evidence and corporate protocols have been provided, with the support of the Biosphere team of professionals, they are migrated to the individual plan of each entity, so that they all start from the same corporate plan with the information of the protocols and actions that apply to them as a group. Subsequently, each entity must provide any additional evidence that may be applicable and necessary to demonstrate that these corporate policies or protocols are adopted in their facilities and work model.

Can I obtain a certification as a chain or group?

There is no diploma or certificate as a business chain or group. Each entity that forms part of it will have its own individual diploma and certification, and communication and promotion actions will be carried out in which the commitment of the chain and group as a whole will be mentioned, once all its business units have been certified.

Biosphere works in such a way that each business unit carries out its own personalised plan for management and recognition of corporate sustainability (being able to use common evidence from all the business units, such as corporate protocols adopted by all the units). But in any case, each entity must subscribe individually and pass its own annual audit process 100% online, with each of the entities or business units comprising the group or chain obtaining certification, and not as a single entity subscribed as a corporate entity.

Can I subscribe an entity as the corporate of my group or chain?

No. In the case of the subscription of an entity as a corporate profile to be certified as a group or chain as a whole, this profile will be deleted from the Biosphere system. At the time of the first audit, the external auditor will notify the irregularity and the profile will be inactivated and all services will be cancelled. You can find more information in the Terms and Conditions of the service on our website.

What deals and discounts could I benefit from?

Biosphereisoffered through an annual subscription, with a single payment per year of €359 percompany. Before subscribing, you can try the system completely free of charge for 5 days. If youwantto subscribe more than 6 entities in your group or chain,pleasecontact us so that we can prepare a personalised quote for your group. You canreceive a discount ofup to 25% on each annual subscription for each company in your group! 

Are there trainings for companies?

Yes, this is an additional service that is not included in the annual subscription.You can requesttraining coursesthroughourcontact forms or by e-mail. The training courses are customised to meet the interests and training needs ofyourgroup.If you contractourservices as a corporate member of more than 6 entities, Biosphere willprovideyouwithtwo exclusive Webinars (one in Spanish and one in English) for your companies free of charge. We will train all the members of your group that you consider necessary. Attendees will receive all the necessaryinformationand tips onhow touse andoperatethe platform and methodology so that they can carry out the plans and certification of their companies.

Can consultancy services be requested?

Yes, this is an additional service, not included in the annual subscription of the company, which you must request through the contact forms or by e-mail. Consultancy services will be budgeted according to the number of hours required by the group, and the need for presentiality.