Booking Channels

Brands and businesses that promote, recognize and locate the Biosphere certified businesses and destinations

ehotel® provides hotel booking solutions for corporate clients and
individual travelers to book hotels worldwide online with its unique Meta-Search.

We like to encourage our clients to share our green approach and have
introduced a new filter option so that you can search and book sustainable certified hotels.


EcoHotels was founded in 2020, as a responsible and sustainable alternative to the large and dominant online travel agencies (OTAs), whose business model and high commissions severely decimate individual hotels´ identity, concept and bottom line. EcoHotels´ mission is to be a community for hotels, sharing knowledge and best practices, and standing side by side to promote sustainability in the travel industry.

Glooby is a free travel search engine for responsible travelers and businesses to find the most sustainable flights, hotels and experiences worldwide. Glooby searches among millions of flights and over 500,000+ hotels, transparently showing the most fuel efficient flights and which hotels are eco-labeled.  


TravGanic gives you the resources to choose the tourist destinations with the smallest footprints.We simplify the search for finding certified green lodging around the globe. Lodging that is not only pleasing to the consumer but gives back to the environment and the community. Here at TravGanic we do the leg work for you, so you can simply just enjoy yourself without having to worry about the negative effects of your trip  


Canadian tour operator that positions and recognizes the Biosphere entities in their booking channels to guarantee sustainable tourism.  

Sabre Holdings

Biosphere certified Hotels are part of Sabre Holdings' Eco-Certified Hotel Program. This program makes it easier for tourists and travelers to book hotels certified in sustainability.  


Travelocity, through the Green Hotel Directory positions sustainable tourism entities that meet the criteria of the GSTC, to give the tourist the possibility of a better trip  


The social enterprise Bookdifferent is an innovative international hotel search engine that makes it easy for consumers to book green hotels by putting eco certified hotels on top of each search result, recognizing BIOSPHERE as the best guarantee. From every hotel reservations made via BookDifferent, 10% of their nett income is shared with charities that support the social and environmental development of holiday destinations to protect the world’s natural and cultural riches.  


Hotel search engine with eco-labels, in which entities certified by BIOSPHERE always occupy the first results, as it gives the maximum guarantee of compliance requirements and continuous improvement.  


Travelers looking for green experiences are given through BookGreener access to more sustainable hotels, in addition to planting a tree for every booking made with them. Therefore it was natural for Biosphere teaming up with BookGreener, as both organizations seek to promote hotels that are part of the solution and not the problem, helping the sustainability of local communities and culture in addition to the conservation of flora and fauna and the environment.  

Der Touristik

German tour operator that recognizes and positions the Biosphere entities as a guarantee of sustainability in their catalogs and travel outlets.  


Tour operator that recognizes and positions the Biosphere stores in its sales channels, travel agents and booking portals as a guarantee of sustainability.  

Rewe Group

The REWE Group proves to be responsible by its agreement with BIOSPHERE. Feeling in debt with the environment, the society and its employees, REWE Group strategy is geared towards four pillars of sustainability: "green products", "Our workers". "Energy, climate and environment" and "Involvement with Society"  

TUI Travel

World leading Tour Tperator with a history of commitment to sustainability, with a vision to create special environmental experiences while minimizing the impact of tourism, we respect the different cultures and contribute to local economies, all of this through the recognition of the certification Biosphere  

HRS Das Hotelportal

HRS is the operator of a global hotel website for private and business travelers with a database containing more than 250,000 hotels in 180 countries and an average of ten million visits per month. The goal: support companies in choosing hotels with guaranteed dedication to their environment, recognizing and positioning the Biosphere establishments, through a pilot project in which we accompany our corporate clients, the KFW Bank and the Federal Government .  


Kuoni Group is a provider of services to the tourism business and public sector leader in its business areas and in sustainable growth projects, that recognizes and positions Biosphere establishments.  

Standard Maps

Standards Map unifies and explains the global certifications, including of course Biosphere as an example of a powerful and flexible tool that guarantees continuous improvement in sustainable tourism.  


SustainableVisit positions Biosphere entities for travelers to make sustainable travels.