We help destinations and tourism businesses become sustainable.

"The BIOSPHERE Certification distinguishes us as a leader in sustainable tourism"

Bom Bom Island Resort, Sao Tome e Principe, BH 010/2013

"BIOSPHERE provides an assurance of sustainability to our customers"

Hotel Jardim Atlantico, Madeira, BH 005/2008


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The Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI) is an international organization that has promoted, for more than 20 years, responsible tourism at an international level. For this, the RTI has a memorandum of understanding with UNESCO, it is a member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and promotes sustainable tourism on all fronts through Biosphere

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Benefits of BIOSPHERE


More than 20 years of experience helping the tourism industry and destinations to be more efficient


More than 30 million tourists per year visit hotels and destinations distinguished with the Biosphere certification

Global reach

With a wide presence and support of international organizations, Biosphere is the guarantee of authenticity most recognized worldwide


Certificado Biosphere

BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM©, awarded by the Responsible Tourism Institute (an organization that maintains special relations with UNESCO through a Memorandum of Understanding) is the sustainable certification program designed for the tourism industry with more prestige and credibility of the international market. More than 30 million tourists per year visit destinations and hotels whose guarantee of authenticity is backed by Biosphere.

Our certification was created and developed by the Responsible Tourism Institute at the request of the 1995 World Conference on Sustainable Tourism, a milestone promoted by the United Nations through UNESCO and under the auspices of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the leading associated international organisations and related programmes, such as the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the MAB Programme (Man and the Biosphere), the World Heritage Centre, the European Commission and the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development.

The Biosphere certification was the first to be approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) worldwide, and is the only one to incorporate the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the main guidelines of the Paris Climate Summit.

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Aloe Plus Lanzarote

Aloe Plus Lanzarote

The Aloe Vera Museum is a center of tourist and cultural interest, which allows us to discover the history, culture and properties of this millenary plant.

Thompson Okanagan British Columbia

Thompson Okanagan British Columbia

The natural landscape of the Thompson Okanagan includes mountains, valleys, desert, and everything in between. This is a region that truly has something for everyone. Foodies flock to the area's renowned orchards and vineyards; families can't get enough of the many sandy, lakeside beaches; and outdoor enthusiasts come for the golfing, hiking, biking and skiing.



In the process of becoming Biosphere Certified, León, a crossroads, owes its outstanding heritage to the succession of peoples that lived in these lands: Astures (a Celtic tribe), Romans, Sueves, Visigoths, Arabs, Christian kingdoms… They all contributed to the creation of a history whose traces are visible in the character of current Leonese people, as well as in the monuments that enhance the province.