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Biosphere develops certifications to guarantee compliance with the principles of sustainability and continuous improvement, through a private, voluntary and independent certification system.

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We have delegations located in 8 countries from all around the world to provide the necessary help and support to companies and tourism destinations.


Sustainable tourism courses with professional tutors assigned . Receive tools, material and information necessary to become an expert in the sector.



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The largest sustainability community in the world. More than 30 million tourists visit Biosphere Destinations and companies.

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Sustainability: the return on economic investment is clear and immediate.

Many companies have been working for years on different projects: environmental, socio-cultural... The big difference is that now there is greater awareness in society and more organised strategies have been developed.

The Biosphere Destination Community meets at FITUR

FITUR was the place chosen to host the representatives of the Biosphere Destination Community, a meeting which was attended by Javier Benayas, Professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, and Xavier Font, Head of the Technical Tourism Office of the Barcelona Provincial Council, as well as representatives from places such as Tenerife, Gijón, Maraey, Alentejo and Mafra, among others.