Calculate and offset
your carbon footprint

Offset your carbon footprint to promote an eco-friendly culture!

Are you working or thinking about working on your sustainability plan with Biosphere?

If so, you should know that measuring and offsetting your company's carbon footprint is one of the actions you can work on

✅ Continuous improvement in sustainability 

✅ Enhance your differentiation in a market increasingly conscious of the environment and climate change

✅ Improve your corporate environmental responsibility

✅ Support projects that are making a difference in the fight against climate change

✅ Close new business by ensuring compliance with emerging sustainability-related requirements 


The carbon footprint can be calculated in many ways, such as through real-time measurements, third-party audits and verifications, or through recognized international protocols.

However, one of the most efficient and less error-prone ways is to use specialized tools and software specifically designed to calculate the carbon footprint more accurately.

Among the platforms available on the market, ClimateTrade's Prime Calculator will make it easier for you to measure and offset your carbon footprint, as well as invest in sustainability projects.

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Go one step further: offset your carbon footprint

Once you have identified your company's carbon footprint, it is time to take action: you will be able to reduce and offset that footprint. In the case of offsetting, you will have the opportunity to support projects dedicated to contribute against climate change. On ClimateTrade's marketplace, you will discover the largest and most diverse selection of these climate action projects worldwide:

  • Reforestation initiatives
  • Biodiversity preservation
  • Promotion of renewable energies
  • Implementation of new technologies such as biomass and carbon removals.

You will find options for every interest! Each project has been rigorously verified and registered by globally recognized entities, giving you the confidence to choose high quality projects that generate a real and measurable impact on the environment.

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Why ClimateTrade?

From Biosphere we recommend ClimateTrade because we believe in transparency. Thanks to its blockchain technology, this platform guarantees traceability in each of its projects, allowing users to track and verify the impact of their actions in the fight against climate change.