Biosphere Active Nature Tourism Certification

The future of sustainable tourism

What is the Biosphere Active Nature Tourism Certification?

Biosphere Sustainable for Active Nature Tourism is a sustainability certification aimed at all those entities that provide recreational experiences and activities, interpretation and/or knowledge of nature and sports in natural environments. These activities include: whale or bird watching and related activities.

Start certification for Active Tourism

Increase the profitability of experiences

Receive proposals and recommendations to design and provide positive sustainable experiences for both visitors and the host population, minimizing negative environmental and social impacts, reducing costs and increasing the profitability in the medium and long term of your business.

Improve positioning

Consumers increasingly demand new non-aggressive tourism models. Position yourself as a sustainable entity and communicate your commitment, with the Biosphere seal.

Reduce carbon footprint

As a Biosphere Member, you will receive tools and support to manage and reduce the environmental impact of your entity, improving its quality and image, reducing costs and contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Types of certification for active tourism

Nature and Outdoors Activities

Hiking, climbing, scuba diving

Cultural Activities

Guided tours, transfers or local shows

Relaxing Activities

Spa, Wellness, therapeutic activities

An opportunity to develop indicators of improvement, especially in regard to actions for environmental conservation and rescue of cultural heritage.