Biosphere Sites of Tourist Interest Certification

The future of sustainable tourism

What is the Biosphere Sites of Tourist Interest Certification?

Biosphere for sites of tourist interest is a sustainability certification, designed so that those spaces whose characteristics arouse interest, can improve their performance and reduce the negative impacts of the development of their activity, guaranteeing an adequate balance between the economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions. 

This category includes monuments, churches, mosques, chapels, physical spaces of tourist interest, statues and spaces and similar elements that generate tourist visits in the Destination. For all of them, the certification guarantees the fulfillment of requirements based on the principles of sustainability and continuous improvement, ensuring that certified Sites of Tourist Interest carry out new non-aggressive tourism models, satisfying the current needs of their customers and users without compromising future generations. The Biosphere Sites of Tourist Interest report significant benefits for themselves, the society and the environment.

Start certification for Sites of Tourist Interest 

Increase the conservation level

Receive tools, support, proposals and recommendations to design, manage and provide more sustainable visits, minimizing the negative impacts related to the conservation and degradation of resources, contributing to the preservation of its attractiveness over time.

Improve positioning

Consumers increasingly demand new non-aggressive tourism models. Position yourself as a sustainable hotel and communicate your commitment, with the Biosphere seal.

Reduce carbon footprint

As a Biosphere Member, you will receive tools and support to manage and reduce the environmental impact of your entity, improving its quality and image, reducing costs and contributing to the preservation of the environment.