12 hotels of the Vibra Hotels group receive the Biosphere Certified recognition in sustainability

12 of the Vibra Hotels group's establishments have received this recognition of their good practices, as the first phase of the certification process of all the hotels in Ibiza of this chain.

On 4 June, Vibra Hotels received the Biosphere certification for 12 of its Ibizan establishments from Yolanda Bazán, head of Biosphere's certification and continuous improvement processes.

This recognition in sustainability underlines the dedication of Vibra Hotels and its team in aligning its operations with the 17 SDGs of the United Nations, highlighting its contribution to responsible water and energy management, gender equality, responsible consumption, innovation and the promotion of local culture.

At the on-site event at the Vibra Algarb hotel, the managers of the 12 hotels certified in this first phase received their diplomas to recognise and demonstrate the efforts implemented in the three areas of sustainability, according to the Biosphere methodology. The event was attended by the executive general manager of Vibra Hotels, Antonio Domenech, the councillor for the Environment of Ibiza Town Council, the Island Director of Promotion, Juan Miguel Costa, and the Councillor for Environmental Management, Sustainability, Innovation and Transparency, Ignacio José Andrés Rivas, who closed the event.

The corporate director of Vibra Hotels, Silvia Álvarez, reiterated her words mentioned in an interview with Onda Cero, stating that this achievement would have been impossible without the support of public administration bodies and the hand of the Consell de Ibiza.

Firmly committed to sustainability and within the framework of its ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategies, Vibra Hotels has been adopting different measures to minimise the environmental impact of its activity for several years. ‘We are very aware of the current situation and we have an ambitious plan that began with the aim of reducing energy consumption in our hotel establishments,’ said Antonio Domenech, general manager of Vibra Hotels. As part of its corporate strategy, the company has stated that it has a special area of work focused on the chain's environmental sustainability.

The hotel chain began the certification process in 2023, with a first phase that has included the certification of 12 of its establishments. Biosphere integrates the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in its requirements, classifying them in the three different areas: Climate change and environment - Society and culture - Governance and economy. Each of these fields has been worked on by the Vibra Hotels Quality Service in order to comply with an internationally recognised certification such as Biosphere, the most prestigious label of sustainability on the European continent.

The commitment of Vibra Hotels chain is to continue extending the Biosphere certification to the rest of its establishments ‘achieving a balanced compliance with the SDGs that apply to our activity. This commitment also extends to our employees, through continuous training programmes on sustainability and to our clients, raising awareness of the responsible use of the resources made available to them,’ said Antonio Domenech.

Vibra Hotels has stated that it is not satisfied with merely complying with sustainability regulations, and will continue to be committed to the implementation of projects and actions that generate a positive impact on the territory in which we carry out our activity, as indicated in the company's master plan.