Biosphere and ClimateTrade join forces to boost business sustainability

Biosphere and ClimateTrade establish a collaboration agreement to promote and facilitate the implementation of sustainable practices in entities around the world.

In an exciting development for the cause of sustainability, Biosphere, the international sustainability management and recognition system under the SDGs and UN goals of the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI) and its revolutionary global search engine for sustainable consumption choices, and ClimateTrade, a leader in technology solutions for business decarbonisation with its innovative Carbon Footprint Calculator and the world's largest climate marketplace, have decided to join forces to promote the implementation of more responsible practices.
With their extensive track record, both entities find common ground and seek to help organisations highlight and improve their sustainability efforts: On the one hand, Biosphere is the world's only system to integrate and connect the sustainable efforts of DMOs, businesses and consumers, based on the 17 SDGs and 169 UN targets, while ClimateTrade offers its affordable carbon footprint calculator and a wide range of climate mitigation projects on its digital marketplace, essential tools to measure and take direct action on CO2 emissions.

This collaboration makes it easier and more accessible for organisations willing to develop a more responsible and holistic business model. Organisations will be able to easily measure and offset their carbon footprint through ClimateTrade's solutions, and, as part of their process of continuous improvement and alignment with SDG 13, they will be able to monitor and recognise their contribution in real time with Biosphere, through its international certification.

"We know that sustainability is an essential path in today's landscape. With this collaboration, we aspire to drive significant and positive change, providing companies with new ways in which they can contribute to the achievement of these goals and targets," says Patrio Azcárate, Secretary General of the Responsible Tourism Institute.

This collaboration between Biosphere and ClimateTrade represents a firm step towards a more sustainable future and is set to make a significant difference to the business sector worldwide, as both tools are available in multiple languages.

Fran Benedito, CEO and Co-Founder of ClimateTrade adds "We are excited to embark on this transformative journey with Biosphere, a pioneer in sustainability management. This partnership represents a significant milestone in our commitment to provide accessible and effective solutions for businesses around the world. Together, we seek to empower businesses to measure, mitigate and improve their sustainability efforts by building a global community dedicated to environmental responsibility."

The goal is for companies to acquire all the tools and knowledge they need to take action on sustainability. These actions, which more and more companies are joining, not only benefit the companies themselves, but also transform communities and pave the way for a more conscious future.