Biosphere as a specialist in the definition of standards in the tourism sector

With the help of Biosphere as sustainability specialist, Jumbo Tours Group and AMResorts create the Green & Human consortium for the sustainable transformation of tourism entities.

© Secrets Lanzarote

© Secrets Lanzarote

The Green & Human project anticipates tourist entities to be more sustainable. With this objective, they seek solutions to improve the entities at an environmental and social level. The project is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Biosphere supports the project by defining standards in the tourism sector through the new Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle Platform. 

The Consortium will be co-led by Jumbo Tours Group and AMResorts Management Spain, backbone companies, tractors and promoters of the project, followed by Biosphere as a specialist in the definition of standards in the tourism sector, provider of the digital platform and in charge of R&D development of the same. Additionally, a group of 12 companies from the value chain of the tourism sector will coexist with the ambition to transform and invest in initiatives aligned with the 2030 SDGs. For companies to become part of the Consortium, they must give registration in the Biosphere platform, which will be in charge of evaluating their current situation regarding the 2030 SDGs and will assessment the entity and establish an action plan, together with the Green & Human consortium, focusing on certain projects for their evolution in said standards, defined with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Through the creation of Corporate Sustainability Plans, each company can commit to a sustainable lifestyle and use management, evaluation and measurement technology to drive improvements towards sustainability. Based on the report for sustainable tourism, written in conjunction with the SDSN (Sustainable Development Solutions Network), Biosphere translates the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to tourism. Thus, Biosphere gives companies the opportunity to establish sustainability plans, adapted to the reality of each one.

The Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle methodology focuses on the involvement of all interest groups, including destinations, companies, associations, employees, tourists and citizens. Therefore, it refers to the Biosphere Circle of sustainability, in order to facilitate sustainability in destinations in relation to all the SDGs and their 169 targets.

Additionally, the project seeks to facilitate access to funds for the Recovery and Next Generation Transformation of the European Union, especially for SMEs that would not have access otherwise. Additionally, they have established the project to offer the improvement of sustainability through an innovative, flexible, authentic and global tool. With Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle, entities not only have access to a management system, but also the opportunity to receive global recognition, as well as the opportunity to communicate and disseminate their sustainability publicly.

Green & Human will be implemented in the Balearic and Canary Islands as a pilot project, but but with great potential to be applied in all destinations, within Spain. The team has already planned some campaigns to publicize the project and incorporate as many companies as possible, throughout the next months.