Biosphere certifies the sustainability of the MYND Adeje hotel for the more than 100 activities carried out in favor of the 2030 Agenda

The first hotel opened by Canarian Hospitality celebrates its second anniversary with the recognition of the work carried out since its foundation which is based on the fundamental values of the hotel management company

In mid-2021, the tour operator Canarian Hospitality was born and, a few months later, opened its first hotel in the Canary Islands: MYND Adeje. Two years later, the resort in the south of Tenerife celebrates its second anniversary with the news of having received the Biosphere Certified distinction.

A recognition that the chain celebrates as a key step in its strategic plan for sustainable management and which highlights the value of what, from its first steps, was conceived and cemented as the philosophy and backbone spirit of the group, with the slogan 'Conscious Lifestyle'.

A lifestyle "based on consciousness" that has placed the values of sustainability, respect and tolerance at the centre of hotel management, applied transversally to all areas of action that any tourist establishment has in its day-to-day operations.

The official Biosphere certification attests to the fact that MYND Adeje has already achieved 40 of the 46 global actions that are among its objectives, through more than one hundred activities carried out in favour of environmental, economic and social sustainability. Every detail of the day-to-day running of the establishment is designed to develop sustainable hotel management.

The director of MYND Adeje, Björn Mildner, has highlighted how the constant monitoring that has allowed the Biosphere certification is "a very useful tool to align efforts, create concern in the teams and internally question processes that have been improved in the sustainability aspect".

The assistant manager of the resort, Borja Suaza Sanz, adds that "the team has integrated the challenge as their own and it has served as a motivating process to become aware of our positive impact on the destination. A challenge in which the client actively participates and demands".

Both managers have led the hotel's certification project, which opens the way, by establishing a similar operation, to the certification of the rest of Canarian Hospitality's establishments.

Forests, sea and air at the centre

Solar panels, its own vegetable garden, LED lighting, elimination of single-use plastics, free water fountains for guests, and much more reflect the company's focus on reducing the impact on the environment, energy efficiency and the fight against climate change.

Thus, Canarian Hospitality has among its founding values the importance of reducing the carbon footprint and, in addition to the initiatives already implemented in this regard, the management company is developing a virtual CO2 calculator through which guests can know the impact that their holidays at MYND have on the planet.

The fight in favour of the environment of the management company can also be seen in actions such as 'Don't throw the towel for the planet', which promotes energy efficiency and responsible water consumption, awakening the solidarity and conscience of the clients not to ask for the daily washing of these garments.

This initiative is part of the alliance between Canarian Hospitality and the Foresta Foundation, to protect and recover the native vegetation of the Canarian forests, with the donation of 20 cents for each towel that is not washed daily in its facilities by decision of its customers, as well as with specific actions such as the 'Green Day', through which 1.5% of the profits obtained in reservations and consumption in the hotel has been added to this institution.

This initiative also highlights MYND Hotels' commitment not only to the environment and the fight against climate change, but also to caring for the environment, society, culture and development of the island of Tenerife.

Similarly, MYND Adeje has launched activities to promote and develop the cleaning of the island's beaches, and has linked the complex with the Ocean Born Foundation organisation and the scientific-divulgation action of 'La España Azul', which reflects its commitment to marine ecosystems, awareness of sustainable values and the fight against climate change.

Workshops on cybersecurity, pottery, production of natural soaps, among others, work from MYND Adeje in the promotion of local talent and culture. Activities that form part of the company's commitment to the circular economy and the consumption of local products, make it possible that more than 80% of the raw materials used in its restaurants come from the island.

MYND Adeje also belongs to the 'Circular Tourism Communities' club, promoted by Ashotel and Asaga Canarias and integrated into Ashotel's 2030 Tourism Sustainability and Digitalisation Strategy, with the aim of minimising food waste and maximising selective collection at source.

Thus, experience packages, workshops, and all kinds of actions and awareness campaigns throughout the year reinforce MYND Hotels' commitment to circular, sustainable, and respectful tourism, which is reflected in the actions of each of its employees and the perception and actions of its customers.