Biosphere in the innovative Sustainable Hospitality Alliance directory

The Biosphere system stands out as the only sustainability management and certification system in the new directory

During COP28, the director of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, Glenn Mandziuk, presented the new Resource Directory, designed to drive more sustainable practices in the hospitality sector.

In this context, Biosphere stands out in the list as the only comprehensive sustainability management and certification system aligned with the 17 SDGs and 169 targets of the 2030 Agenda and with indicators created jointly with UN-SDSN, offering entities around the world the opportunity to transform their practices and join a global movement towards a more responsible future.

A Directory to Transform the Hotel Industry

The newly launched Directory aims to serve as a bridge between hotels and suppliers of products or services that can support their corporate sustainability in some way, helping members and non-members to find appropriate solutions to ESG challenges and opportunities.

Biosphere has joined this initiative with the clear objective of continuing to promote the culture of sustainability, supporting entities in the hotel sector and helping them to manage and recognise their sustainability through the methodology, reach a wider audience of conscious customers through tools to communicate the good practices of the entity in an adapted language, increase traffic to its booking portal without commissions, among other benefits.

This showcase provides companies in the hotel sector with the essential services to achieve a more responsible and resilient business. By joining this initiative, hotels have the opportunity to lead the change towards a more sustainable industry and establish themselves as a benchmark in corporate responsibility.