Biosphere launches the first platform of sustainable tourism courses

The Biosphere Sustainable Tourism Courses respond to the current and future needs of an expanding market

Biosphere Responsible Tourism has developed the Biosphere Campus, a learning platform of sustainable tourism courses. This platform will allow the staff of its network of delegations, the personnel of the administrations which develop the Biosphere Destination methodology, companies that want to implement the Biosphere Certification in businesses and services and, in general, any person interest in responsible tourism, to develop their skills in sustainable tourism management.

The program will help all tourist agents to learn in depth the application of Sustainable Development to the tourist activity in different countries and tourism destinations, as well as to improve their competitiveness through savings and efficiency in the management and to position in a new market on the rise.

The creation of this platform for sustainable tourism courses is part of the objective of translating the importance that sustainable development must play to a sector that is so transversal and has a great economic impact, such as the tourism sector.

Through the most advanced LMS platform on the market, BIOSPHERE Campus, the Responsible Tourism Institute provides all the tools, material and knowledge necessary to become an expert in sustainable tourism. Through our interactive platform 100% online, you will have animated presentations, audiovisual material, documentation and reinforcement material, review tests and the unlimited availability of a tutor that will be assigned to you to solve your doubts.

With presence in more than 12 countries and with 23 destinations using the Biosphere Standard, Biosphere Sustainable Tourism Courses respond to the current and future needs of an expanding market. In this International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development (proclaimed by the United Nations), data indicates that a third of travelers will choose eco-friendly destinations this year, 39% of travelers are interested in trying a 'Eco-tour' and 79% consider important to book hotels committed to the environment.

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