Biosphere modernizes its website and opens new delegations around the world

Biosphere presents an entirely new design for its website: more intuitive and with more information. Also, it opens new delegations in different countries to bring sustainable tourism to the whole world.

sustainable tourism

At Biosphere we continue to renew ourselves to provide our best service in the pursuit of our great goal: the development of responsible tourism internationally, which contributes to creating a new way of traveling and discovering our planet.

For this, we have been working to introduce a series of changes this summer: first, Biosphere has completely changed the design of its website. The objective is to modernize our image and project with it in a clearer way our future goals, but also to offer a more clear, homogeneous and simple service for any interested party.

Our website will have a new structure and contents that will make it easier for any person, company or institution interested in sustainable tourism to find information and solutions for theirspecific case. In that sense, we have expanded the number of types of tourist companies that are eligible to be certified (Sites of Tourist Interest, Beaches, Marinas, etc.). If you want to know some of them, you can consult all our certification typologies in Biosphere sustainable tourism certificates

Furthermore, we continue working so that you have all the necessary tools to be more sustainable. Among other things, we have been working very hard to open new delegations internationally. Philippines, Croatia, Brazil ... are just some examples. With these representations, we want to be closer to you and provide you with all the knowledge and instruments you need to know to be a more sustainable company or tourist destination.

Biosphere already has delegations in:

  • Spain
  • Andorra y Madeira
  • Germany
  • Croatia
  • Portugal
  • USA y Canada
  • Argentina
  • Belize
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Philippines
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama


"Tourism sustainability translates into solidarity tourism, socially responsible and respectful of the environment and future generations. Sustainability goes through contributing to the improvement of the local economy, the conservation of all its resources and the transmission of the cultural heritage, achieving a balance between development and community; fostering with this, that all visitors and service providers generate an individual and collective commitment to these values.."

~ Fernando Mandri Bellot. CEO Biosphere Mexico.


"Tourism sustainability is to harmonize the interests of the preservation and economic valorization of the cultural and natural heritage and local identity, as strategic assets for tourism development, as well as the compatibility of this activity with the interests and well-being of the local community."

~ Patricia Malheiro Araújo. CEO Biosphere Portugal.


"Sustainable tourism sets an enormous challenge of valuing natural and cultural resources with Equity, Sensibility and Solidarity, preserving them and at the same time attending the needs of host communities, and promoting peace based on knowledge and acceptance of the diversity." 

~ Fabián Román. CEO Biosphere Argentina.


"Sustainability is a sine qua non condition to achieve success in your tourism business. It is a non-negotiable characteristic of tourist activities that take place in a destination that we want to enjoy forever"

~ Carmen Rosa Pérez. CEO Biosphere Guatemala.


"The sustainable tourism is a model of sustainable development which considers the cultural authenticity, the social inclusion, the preservation of the environment, the quality of service and the capacity of local management as fundamental conditions for the viability of tourism activities. In this model the tourists, local communities and tourism industry needs are met without compromising the capability of future generations to expand the opportunities of sustainable development."

~ Mara Lúcia de Oliveira. CEO Biosphere Brazil.