Biosphere participates in Webinar for Sitges Tourism

On November 12, Tourism Sitges presented the webinar (ESP) with the topic “Challenges of the Sitges tourism sector within the framework of the 2030 agenda”. The webinar hosted four experts in the field of sustainable tourism and development and included a focus on the sustainable development model of Sitges, within the framework of the Biosphere commitment.

The four experts who have been sharing their knowledge were

Javier Benayas, member of the member of the advisory council of REDS (SDSN  Spanish Network for Sustainable Development),

Patricio Azcárate Díaz De Losada, General secretary of Biosphere Tourism,

Vanesa Mas, Responsible for the territorial management unit of the technical tourism office of the Barcelona dispute and

Irina Miranda, Tourism Expert of the Economic Development Agency NODE Garraf

The webinar was strongly focused on the commitment to competitive, quality destinations, and the importance to fight against climate change, through the adaptation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations to tourism. Biosphere welcomed Sitges to its community in 2016 and the destination works continuously to achieve our highest Gold distinction.

Watch the whole webinar here.