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Biosphere starts the proposed classification of tourist accommodation units in Alentejo

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On the International Earth Day, BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM began the qualification project of accommodation units of the Tourist Region of Alentejo, a project promoted by the Regional Tourism Entity of Alentejo and a co-promoted with ADRAL, and funded by the Alentejo 2020.

Through this process, BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM will support the training of the hotel offer of this great Portuguese region which is already known for it’s excellence in tourism, and that starts now working on the way to a Sustainable Tourism offer.

BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM, a benchmark established by the Responsible Tourism Institute, which has the recognition of bodies such as UNESCO, World Tourism Organization and UNEP. Is also the first Certification of Sustainable Tourism to be recognized with the status of approval by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

Relying on requirements of economic, social and cultural level, the triple profitability of BIOSPHERE enables the accommodation units of the Alentejo region to be qualified for a sustainable supply, directing its activities not only for economic viability, but also for social and cultural aspects, and thus result in further positive impacts for the local community.

With a very practical approach, BIOSPHERE supports the units in the development of its main areas of improvement, valuing the opportunities they consider most suitable for a successful and sustainable  future.

BIOSPHERE would like to thank especially the Regional Tourism Entity of Alentejo, and it’s President, António Ceia da Silva, for the support given to the whole process and the commitment always shown in guiding the Region in Good Practices for Sustainable Tourism.