Biosphere, the first search engine to find and compare more sustainable consumer choices

The new Biosphere Sustainable website is now available, which allows you to learn about the good practices and sustainable efforts of companies and destinations around the world, showing how they contribute to the fulfilment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

After more than 20 years promoting the culture of sustainability, under the principles and objectives of the United Nations, the Biosphere system launches a new website that will allow to know how different companies and tourist destinations work in sustainability. A portal for making more responsible consumption decisions, showing entities and places from all over the world committed to sustainability and providing all the information on the good practices they carry out.

With this new website, Biosphere manages to bring together all the verified information on the good practices of the member entities of its community and presents them on its profile in an adapted language, with clear and accessible explanations and distinctions that anyone can understand. Thus, through this portal, consumers around the world can quickly and easily find out how companies and destinations contribute to improving local life in their environment, their economy, employment, education, the well-being of ecosystems and a whole range of sustainability issues.

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