Biosphere Tourism and Skål International are now partners!

Biosphere Tourism and the Responsible Tourism Institute have established a partnership with Skal International to present a Skål Biosphere Award to one of the entries selected based on the pillars of sustainability of the Responsible Tourism Institute.

Skål International is a professional organisation of Tourism leaders around the world, promoting global networking and friendship since 1934. It is the only international association uniting all branches of the travel and Tourism industry. Skål International is an Affiliated Member of the UNWTO and supports The CodePATAIIPTSTI, among others.

The lucky winner who has won a one-year free Biosphere Certification is Himalayan Eco Tourism. More info in their websit:

The 18th annual presentation of the Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards has taken place on Sunday, 15 September 2019 during the Opening Ceremony of the 80th Skål World Congress held onboard the Royal Caribbean 'Symphony of the Seas'.