Biosphere Tourism wishes you a Happy and Green Christmas

Biosphere Responsible Tourism wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, inviting you to spend a sustainable and environmentally friendly Christmas following our 10 green tips.

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Biosphere Responsible Tourism wish everyone a different Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We would like to invite you to spend a sustainable and environmentally friendly Christmas, ahead of a 2016 that certainly presents itself full of challenges. And to contribute to greater awareness of sustainable and responsible tourism in Biosphere we decided that now, and only until December 31, BIOSPHERE certified entities can benefit from a 50% discount on on-line training courses by the Responsible Tourism Institute.

If you are part of the Biosphere Community, this is a unique opportunity for you to to improve the management of your organization and your ranking in the market by excellence in sustainable tourism.

If you want to make use of our 50% discount only until December 31, you will find the link to our Campus after our Christmas eco-tips.


1 - Buy organic, locally-produced food as far as possible.

2 - Send email Christmas cards instead of paper ones. They are frees, and also you don’t have to buy a stamp.

3 - If you wish to choose paper cards, buy them from recycled paper.

4 - Use wrapping paper made from recycled material. And when you unwrap your gifts do it carefully so you can reuse them.

5 - When you wrap your gifts, use tape or rope so that the paper can be opened without damaging it.

6 - As far as possible, choose to buy gift certificated with green labels, fair trade items, etc.

7 - Organize a Christmas gathering for the needy at you office, or persuade your boss to make a donation.

8 - Considers planting your tree in a pot, so you can transplant it after Christmas.

9 - Purchase goods, toys and lasting gifts. And do not forget to donate toys no longer used for a local charity!

10 - Select cosmetics and toiletries gifts using natural materials that are not tested on animals. Remember that most of the cosmetics are tested on animals in experiments of severe pain.


If you are a certified entity by Biosphere Responsible Tourism and want to use our 50% discount only until December 31, please fill in your details in the form found after the following link:

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If you also believe that sustainable tourism is the best way to protect biodiversity, guarantee the preservation of our common heritage, contribute to the empowerment of local communities and the fight against climate change, help us contribute to a more sustainable future sharing this post on your social networks.

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