Booking's new sustainable travel rankings

Booking announces a number of new product features to celebrate the first anniversary of its Sustainable Travel programme.

Sustainable Travel Booking Programme Biosphere

As reported last year, Booking has continued to work on its Sustainable Travel programme as a group under which to label and identify accommodation companies implementing environmental efforts.

Now, after a year of running this public programme on its website, Booking is adding new information to provide more transparency for travellers interested in more sustainable accommodation options. It is a 3-tier rating to highlight those hotels, flats, houses and campsites that operate in a more sustainable way, providing travellers with useful information to plan their trips.

These new levels offer more visibility and recognition to accommodations that are not yet officially certified, but are taking steps to operate more responsibly towards the environment and in their local community. The levels help to illustrate more clearly the path to certification, especially for those accommodations that are in the early stages of their sustainable improvements. The aim is also to motivate and incentivise more accommodations to join the programme.

This new classification is designed to show more clearly how accommodations are progressing in terms of sustainability, as well as the specific measures they are implementing. The aim of this structure is also to highlight those accommodations that have made significant commitments and investments to achieve certification.

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