Calafell achieves recognition for its efforts in sustainability by obtaining its Biosphere Certified Destination label.

The Responsible Tourism Institute delivers the certification to the City Council of Calafell within the framework of FITUR.

Calafell has obtained the Biosphere Certified Destination distinction, awarded by the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI) as a recognition that represents one of the most internationally recognized certifications in the field of sustainability.

The Councillor for the Promotion of Calafell, Ms. Luisa Lastra, explained that "the Department of Tourism has been the promoter of the project". To obtain this certification it has been necessary the involvement of all areas of the City Council, adding: "Calafell has presented a sustainability report and an action plan for the coming years that have been positively assessed by the Institute of Responsible Tourism. The awarding of the certification means a commitment to continuity in order to comply with a series of planned actions".

Roberto Álvarez, who presented the certificate at FITUR as representative of RTI-Biosphere Andalucía, declared: "Tourism is the main industry from an economic point of view worldwide and belongs to the industries with the greatest effect on the planet on a global scale. Sustainability and tourism will be one in the future, which makes it necessary to act decisively".

Mayor Ramón Ferré also stated that: "With the help of the Responsible Tourism Institute, through this certification, the fulfilment of the SDGs established by the UN is accredited, managing an integral system of management and positioning of the destination through accompaniment and advice on continuous improvement towards sustainability, implementing strategies for promotion and development of means of raising awareness for visitors and locals, which has undoubtedly been a priority for the government team".

From Biosphere and the Responsible Tourism Institute we hope to continue sharing great achievements and news about the progress of the destination Calafell, together with its companies, who are encouraged to join their sustainable commitment to move forward among all parties involved in this path towards continuous improvement.

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