Calafell takes the first step towards being more sustainable

Calafell City Council starts their certification process of sustainable tourism with the help of the Responsible Tourism Institute.

Calafell has officially begun the process of acquiring the "Biosphere Destination" brand, carrying out the first step which is the Letter of Commitment; Through this document the city of Calafell commits to boost its tourism competitiveness, the continuous improvement of the destination and the fight against climate change through sustainability.

The municipality of Calafell is a destination standing out through its 5 kilometers long beaches, with fine sand, ideal for families and sun and ocean lovers. Additionally, the destination is also known for its water rich in iodine. the municipality also stands out for have heritage from different stages of history such as the Iberian Citadel, an archaeological site partially reconstructed through experimentation, in which a historical recreation festival called Terra Ibérica is held, with activities for all audiences.

Additionally, the municipality features numerous architectural attractions such as the Castle of Santa Creu, a medieval border fortress from the 11th century with a Romanesque church inside, the Church of Sant Miquel built more than 700 years ago in which you can see the transition of two eras, from Romanesque to Gothic, and finally the Casa Barral Museum, a former fishermen's home, where the famous poet and editor Carlos Barral lived.

Calafell with the help of the Responsible Tourism Institute will begin the certification process that proves compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN, managing an integral system of management and positioning of the destination by accompanying and advising on the continuous improvement towards sustainability, implementing strategies to promote and develop means of awareness for visitors and locals.