Duvetnor Receives Biosphere Certification

Duvetnor Company, which has been offering ecotourism activities in the Bas-Saint-Laurent islands for 35 years, received the Biosphere Certified distinction in January for its continuous improvement work in responsible practices, thus becoming one of the first entities in Quebec to obtain international recognition for sustainability.

According to Jean Bédard, President and CEO of Société Duvetnor, "Respecting and protecting biodiversity has been at the core of our decisions since the first day of our existence. These are values we have always applied in establishing our ecotourism operations. Today, the Company enables thousands of people to explore nearly pristine natural environments and experience the Saint-Laurent River in its wildest and most magnificent state. Duvetnor's activities not only contribute to educating the public about conservation and biodiversity but also maximize local and regional benefits for the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. We are delighted to receive this recognition today, which confirms our determination to innovate in the future to contribute even more to responsible and regenerative development."

The organization obtained Biosphere certification by prioritizing the use of green and renewable energy sources, conducting information and awareness campaigns on cleanliness and responsible water use, and applying criteria for responsible production and consumption.