El Caminito del Rey obtains the Biosphere recognition as a sustainable tourism resource

El Caminito del Rey has received the 'Biosphere Discover' certificate, a sustainable tourism acknowledgment granted by the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI), an organization linked through a Memorandum of Understanding with UNESCO and member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). It is an international certification standard for visitor centers, museums, and active tourism activities.

 The deputy of Environment and Promotion of the Territory, Marina Bravo, and the Costa del Sol Tourism and Planning CEO, Jacobo Florido, along with the president of the Responsible Tourism Institute, Tomás de Azcárate, participated in the delivery of this certificate. In this way, it was proven that in El Caminito del Rey there is a responsible management of tourism resources that respects the social, cultural and natural environment.

 Since the rehabilitation and opening of El Caminito del Rey, it has been a priority to convert this resource into a point through which to value the natural and cultural resources of the environment, as well as to promote the economic development of local populations, avoiding at all times any kind of negative impact on the natural environment.

 The recognition comes after 10 months of joint work between the Delegation of Environment and Promotion of the Territory and the concessionaire of its management, Campano Brothers, with the support of Tourism and Planning of Costa del Sol.

 As a first step, El Caminito del Rey assumes a commitment to the principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism with continuous improvement in the areas of socio-cultural, economic and environmental sustainability and with the satisfaction of visitors. These commitments are reflected in the responsible tourism policy of El Caminito.

 During the last year, for example, we have worked to introduce a series of improvements in the management of El Caminito that allow us to control the impacts on the natural environment and introduce measures aimed at protecting it, strengthening the cultural values of the environment and maximizing the positive impact on local communities.