For another year working together for the sustainable tourism

From Biosphere we want to take advantage of this space – and these dates – to wish you a Merry Christmas and a 2018 full of new projects and successes.

From Biosphere we want to take advantage of this space – and these dates – to wish you a Merry Christmas and a 2018 full of new projects and successes. We do it with several good news which not only affect us as an organization, but, above all, help us to make easier for companies, touristic destinations and travelers in general, the way to the sustainable tourism.

Clearing this way and providing you with new tools helps us all win, and that is always our main goal.

New image and new spaces for meetings.

Our new development is aesthetic, but also conceptual: this 2018 will begin with a new corporative image, for the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI) and Biosphere, that will help to combine both concepts integrating them as a whole, which is what they are. On the one hand, the institution that gives rise and backs our certification system and, on the other hand, the certification brand or tool which has been used for more than 20 years.

The aim is to modernize our image and to project it on a clearer way with the future goals, but also to offer a clearer service, seamless and simple for anyone interested.

That’s why we seek to renovation of the web pages that are currently available at: and Both will have a new structure and contents that will help anyone, company or institution, interested in the sustainable tourism and the search of information and solutions for its case.

In addition, we are still working for you to have new tools that approach you to sustainability. Between other things, we have created an online system for auditing which allow small touristic businesses to get our certification in the simplest and economical way. Furthermore, we have created the figure of the Responsible Manifesto, a document whose signature allows you to start enjoying the advantages of Biosphere without economical investment. Thus, your first steps will be easier.

Closing the circle: a new space for the tourist.

This whole process is focused on tourists living sustainable experiences. With this third pillar, we expect to close what we have wanted to call “the circle of sustainability”. Thus, we not only will carry out the certification of touristic destinations (covering the public) and companies (covering the private sector), but we will create a space for the final recipients, that is, the citizens and tourists, through the Manifesto of the Responsible Enterprise, and the Manifesto of the Responsible Traveller

This project is associated with our ambassadors of sustainable tourism, to whom we will give specific promotion. Tourism Bloggers, television programs, media … become allies of the sustainability, such as Diario de un nómada, the first television program in the world to get a Biosphere Certification.

All these developments will be introduced in a key event for the tourism all over the world, as it is the Fitur Fair, which will take place in Madrid, from 17 to 21 January. Stay tuned so as not to miss out any news!


We wish you a very happy 2018. We hope to accompany you on the way.