Global Himalayan Expedition is now Biosphere Committed.

The winner of the Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards 2020 is already committed to sustainable tourism.

Global Himalayan Expedition, a tour operator that harnesses tourism as a development force for remote Himalayan mountain communities, conducts leadership and impact expeditions establishing educational bases and micro-energy grids with the help of the traveller. It aims to establish sustainable, scalable and environmentally beneficial solutions that lead to overall community development and foster empowerment of local people.

Last year 2020, it was the winner of the Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards and as a prize received a free year's access to the new Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle platform. This year, they have gone one step further on the road to sustainability and have distinguished themselves as Biosphere Committed. And that's not all! They have added a new project to the platform: Mountain Homestays, a community-based tourism initiative dedicated to offering home stays in indigenous and remote communities as a tool for empowerment and experience sharing.

We congratulate Global Himalayan Expedition for their achievements and encourage more companies to take such initiatives.


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