Green&Human companies committed to sustainability obtain the Biosphere certification

Eight member companies of the Green&Human consortium have achieved their Biosphere Certified recognition, which was presented to them at FITUR for having demonstrated their commitment to sustainability and the 2030 Agenda.

From Biosphere we would like to offer our most sincere congratulations to all the companies that are part of the Green&Human consortium, for all the projects in which they collaborate to achieve more attractive, competitive and sustainable tourist destinations at an environmental, social and economic level, and especially to those who received the Biosphere Certified distinction at FITUR on 20 January 2022, for having demonstrated their commitment to sustainability and the 2030 Agenda through their continuous work to implement and improve their sustainable efforts, accrediting their integral and holistic contribution to the fulfilment of the 169 targets set by the United Nations.

The Green& Human partners and members of the Biosphere Community that have obtained this recognition are: Amaranto, Raíces and La Hacienda restaurants; the agencies specialising in MICE tourism, MT Global and TransGlobal; Qalma Consulting, an expert in sustainability management; Ienerpro, an installer of efficient energy systems; and Jumbo Tours, a distributor of tourist services.

Green& Human is a consortium of companies created with the aim of promoting the sustainable development of national tourist destinations. One of the main pillars of the consortium's activity is the identification of development opportunities following the Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle methodology. Certification in this system makes it easier for companies in the sector to achieve the sustainability objectives aligned with the 17 SDGs of the UN's 2030 agenda, provides confidence to its customers and opens up new business opportunities with travellers committed to the conservation of tourist destinations.

In the words of Ginés Martínez, CEO of Jumbo Tours Group, "it is unwise not to take care of the environment in which you live, and in the tourism sector we are smart to understand this". That is why Jumbo Tours Group, Biosphere and the Responsible Tourism Institute "invite you to be part of the sustainable tourism change".

Don't wait any longer and visit the Green&Human consortium website, request a consultation and find out how you can be part of this great community!