Gremi D'Hotels of Barcelona and the City bet for Responsible Tourism

Gremi D'Hotels de Barcelona and Ayuntament de Barcelona, a bet of sustainable tourism

The city of Barcelona, as a leader and example of international tourist destination, has been in the process of developing a comprehensive project to promote responsible tourism in the city, and in 2011 it reached to obtain the Biosphere World Class Destination certification, which has been renewed annually thanks to the implementation of an ambitious annual Action Plan, and the results can be felt in the city: knowledge of the culture of this city, respect for the environment, higher income from tourism, balance between development and society, etc.

As part of this international definition of Sustainable Tourist Destination of Barcelona and the benefits that implies, it has been recently signed an agreement between the Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR, certifying entity for Biosphere Responsible Tourism), the Barcelona Hotel Gremi and the Barcelona Ayuntament to promote sustainable actions, through special rates for hotels of the city.

With the presence of Mr. Joan Torrella, Mr. Ángel Díaz, Mr. Tomás Franquet and others, and with an special introduction of Mr. Luigi Cabrini, it was showed how sustainable tourism can benefit the destination as well as the hotels.

If you are a hotel of Barcelona and want to know more about it, please contact Biosphere Responsible Tourism for more information.

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