Huelva joins Biosphere Community

Companies in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche region have started working on their sustainability plans. Companies wishing to do so can access the Biosphere platform free of charge and describe their good practices to achieve Biosphere certification. This is the result of the agreement reached between the Huelva Provincial Council and Biosphere Sustainable at an event held on 12 May at the Barceló Aracena Hotel.

The Huelva Provincial Council has already signed the Biosphere Commitment Charter, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability. The agreement is specifically aimed at the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche region, where companies that so wish can access the biosphere platform and start working towards certification.

In the hands of María Eugenia Limón, President of the Provincial Council, the region is a "privileged area with a fantastic natural environment that has much to offer tourists seeking a sustainable experience". She also underlined the need to implement long-term plans, as "destinations like ours, with such a rich and abundant natural heritage, have an obligation to work to preserve it from all points of view".

Limón also wished to highlight the importance of this agreement from a socio-economic and territorial point of view: "We want to make it an additional attraction for customers and an incentive to face the sector of the future with the least possible environmental impact".

Also present at the event were Tomás Azcárate and Patricio Azcárate, respectively President and Secretary General of the Institute for Responsible Tourism, Cinta Aguilar, President of the Association of Tourism Enterprises of the Sierra, José Manuel Díaz, President of the Tourism Business Circle, and Modesta Romero, Vice-President of the Provincial Tourism Council.

This initiative is part of the Huelva Provincial Council's strategy to make Huelva a smart tourist destination through the Tourism Innovation Unit.


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