La Cepada

The Hotel La Cepada is Biosphere certified

La Cepada, located in the heart of Asturias, managed to get the Biosphere certification in late 2012, making it the first hotel in the north of Spain which is certified, ensuring that its activities and philosophy fits with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria

The hotel is situated on the slope of one of the mountains that surround the valley in which the town of Cangas de Onis stands.

Surrounded by nature with unique landscape, its twenty rooms have balconies that make them part of the views of the area. The special rooms have stretched windows that integrate them into the endless views.

The hotel ´s restaurant is part of the quality seal “Tables of Asturias” where they will be able to try regional specialties prepared with products that farmers, cheese makers and fishermen produced in our region.

Our guests will have free access to the internet.

Since our opening in 2001, the staff at the hotel have been working together to improve every day, trying to provide full attention and ensure our guests would want to come back.

Throughout these eleven years, there have been so many actions aiming to achieve good management system, always respectful to the environment which we considers is ours (whole environment). Some of these actions are:

- Financially supporting the local college “Reconquista“ to raise awareness about the importance of the trees and planting some of them.

- Hand out birch tree seeds to clients (Native tree in Asturias)

- Inclusion of Organic products in food and wine tastings.

- Requested and obtained permission to install collection points for waste and recycling in the vicinity of the hotel by the local council.

- Rain water is collected to irrigate plants surrounding the hotel.

- Installation of solar panels.

- Implantation of UNE 14001 since 2009.

- Etc………

The importance of the sustainable tourism and why we believe in the certification.

For us it has always been a clear commitment to grow with our means and the resources accessible to us, a clear commitment to a sustainable tourism.

On one hand it is the way we always act towards the environment and on the other if the tourism exist in the area is because of the beautiful landscape, people´s customs and the maintenance, promotion and sustainability all of them at once.

When we knew about this certification, for us, it was not just another but one that brought together the aspects that combine our basic principle of effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability, always respectful to our surroundings, culture and environment.

Always responsible to promote the regional gastronomy; buy local products from small producers, information regarding local customs and festivals with touristic interest, etc...

These are some of our actions, so that clients who will stay in our establishment are fully aware of the differentiating factor to visit our facilities and our area.

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