La Cuadra de Antón, a sustainable restaurant

La Cuadra de Antón, first restaurant in the world committed to meet the Biosphere requirements of sustainability.

A sustainable restaurant is one able to offer its customers organic products which have been obtained through consumption of proximity or zero kilometre and, in short, has been produced through a sustainable and responsible process.

Such restaurants have emerged from the need to satisfy an increasingly high number of consumers who are already aware and accustomed to a way of life consistent with reducing environmental impact. This public seeks to integrate to their consumption habits a nutrition healthy and responsible to the environment, and specially one that it's able to submerge them in the customs, the traditions and the intangible characteristics of the environment in which the restaurant is located.

To be a sustainable restaurant three sustainability factors must be taken into account: Socio-economic (relating to recruitment of staff and customer relations, proximity to suppliers and efficiency), protection of cultural heritage (tangible and intangible) and related to the environment (waste policy, carbon footprint, waste management, etc.).

What to do to be a sustainable restaurant?

Distinguishing yourself as a sustainable restaurant in front of responsible consumers is not easy. Being sustainable equals meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations. But how can a restaurant meet this statement? La Cuadra de Antón world's first restaurant to commit to meet the Biosphere requirements of sustainability, is the best example.

"We put all our care and dedication in each dish or menu offered, so that guests enjoy a delicacy 100% Asturian, made at the stoves with traditional recipes. Whether it's a daily menu or any speciality, our cuisine is full affection, effort, originality and innovation".

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