Las Ramblas, first shopping centre in the Canary Islands to certify its sustainability

Las Ramblas, the only shopping centre in the Canary Islands to receive international certification in sustainability, with the Biosphere Sustainable seal, from the Institute of Responsible Tourism and Tourism of Gran Canaria.

Las Ramblas, a shopping center that is a reference meeting point in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, now highlights and highlights its good practices and sustainable efforts, thanks to the commitment of Gran Canaria as a Biosphere destination.

This commitment, led by Turismo de Gran Canaria in collaboration with the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, is an initiative started in 2021, in which the territory works for the alignment of its tourism sector with the 2030 Agenda, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs) and the sustainability goals of the United Nations.

Obtaining this certification in recognition and demonstration of the sustainable efforts implemented by this shopping center, makes it the pioneer in its sector on the island to achieve this international distinction, something that is increasingly valued by the people who visit every day the shopping center managed by Grupo Satocan.

Satocan, with a presence in the main sectors of the Canary Islands, has demonstrated its commitment to the archipelago with a project that encompasses the Sustainable Development Goals, an ambitious sustainability program that involves all the company's units and people. This has translated into turning commitments into deeds, demonstrating its special contribution in 9 of the 17 SDGs, among them: the creation of a favorable framework for the reduction of emissions; the promotion of better training of its employees with the existence of inclusive and quality training and the prioritization in the use of new technologies to carry out a more sustainable activity.

"We have a commitment to the Canary Islands, we know that we live in a unique place in the world and that our present and future quality of life depends on how we take care of our environment," highlights Delia Abreu, manager of Las Ramblas Centro. Satocan has always stood out for seeking excellence in service, for diversification and for being a company with a high commitment to society, which today translates into a somewhat broader commitment that embraces social and environmental issues.

"One of our main challenges is to make sustainable practices part of our team's DNA, which we are already achieving through training, projects and internal awareness campaigns. We are preparing ourselves so that the new generations, who are especially sensitive to sustainability, identify with our values," says Isabel Schmunkamp, head of the Sustainability Unit and who has been in charge of internally auditing each of Ramblas' actions to achieve the Biosphere certificate.

"It is a milestone to be the first but they do not want to be the only ones because the more companies that embrace sustainable practices in their day to day, the better for everyone and therefore, the better for the Canary Islands". Far from being a ranking, it is about being a joint project and that each company, entity and person, can contribute the best of oneself to continue enjoying the resources and opportunities that we have in the present; we and future generations.

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