Leon, in the process of obtaining the certificate of sustainable tourism Biosphere Destination

After presenting its most important tourism assets and its commitment to sustainability at the World Summit for Sustainable Tourism on 27 November, the Province of Leon has decided to begin the certification process to become a Biosphere Destination

Leon reaffirms its commitment to promote the province a strong, responsible and sustainable tourism industry, following the criteria of the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI), which is responsible for issuing the Biosphere certification based on the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) integrated in the 2030 Agenda, following the guidelines and recommendations of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism +20 proclaimed at the World Summit on Sustainable Tourism, sponsored by COP21, UNESCO, WTO and UNEP.

The president of the council, Juan Martínez Majo, accompanied by Francisco Castañón, vice president; and deputies of Tourism and Economic Development, Genaro Martinez and Miguel Angel Egido, respectively, have reported in the stand of Leon in Fitur, that Leon has already signed the letter of commitment to the RTI to achieve the certificate, which will consolidate the tourism industry of the province internationally.

The presentation of the letter of commitment with which the Biosphere Destination certification process starts, has taken place in Leon's Fitur stand in the afternoon of Thursday, 21.

"Leon follow the steps necessary to become a sustainable international tourist destination. The economic boost, tourism growth, consolidating our offer and do so responsibly and sustainably, is an obligation that we take and we in which will work tirelessly, "said Martínez Majo, to Tomas Azcarate, president of the Responsible Tourism Institute, organization under the auspices of UNESCO that grants the Biosphere Destination certification.

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