Maraey "Paradise on Earth" achieves the Biosphere certificate as the first private initiative project in the world

The Maraey project now forms part of the Biosphere destination community, committed to the work advanced by the Responsible Tourism Institute in parallel to the Sustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN).

Maraey has been called "Project of Public Utility" by the State of Rio de Janeiro, for its impulse in the tourist, cultural and economic development of the region; therefore, it seeks to ensure that the actors involved in the project are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals. In the course of their commitment, together with professionals and researchers, they carried out studies on the ecosystems in the project area, promoting a protection plan, ensuring the conservation of the habitat and its species.

It is the first destination in the world to bear the Biosphere seal as a private initiative. It is a large-scale project with an area of ​​840 hectares in Maricá, 45 kilometers from downtown Rio de Janeiro; counting on tourist services, real estate area and the creation of the Second Private Reserve of Natural Heritage, and will include an environmental research center.

The Maraey Institute is the basic resource in complying with the fundamental principles that govern the project, maintaining a high commitment, respect for the environment in which the integration of local communities will proceed, and ultimately commiting to sustainability. The hard work that the project is committed to fulfills the SDGs. With the Biosphere certification, Maraey will guarantee adequate stability over time between the environmental, socio-cultural and economic dimensions. Reporting the substantial benefits for the entity, society and the environment. 

The Biosphere seal has a sustainability measurement system and its main objective is the constant improvement of the destination, companies and tourist services that are part of this project. Likewise, Maraey will have the ability to promote sustainable tourism, generate a set of good practices that can serve as a guide and inspiration to other destinations in the world that wish to start the path of sustainability.