More than half of the Best Hotels chain is already part of the Biosphere Community

The hotel chain, which currently manages 38 hotels in Spain, Andorra and the Dominican Republic, has decided to take a step forward in its commitment to sustainability. Thus, more than half of the complexes are already improving their commitment to the environment through the Biosphere platform. An initiative that, according to its Executive General Manager, is in line with the work they have been carrying out for several years.

There are already 22 hotels in the Best Hotels chain that are working on their own sustainability plan through the Biosphere platform. This is a clear demonstration of the company's commitment to the environment, which has also set itself the goal of extending the initiative to the rest of the hotels in the coming year.

Among the actions already being carried out are the implementation of programmes and initiatives for the efficient use of energy, the application of new technologies to encourage sustainable local activities and the minimisation of waste by increasing local consumption.

In the words of its Corporate General Manager, Juan Alcubilla, "we are a hotel chain aware of the impact that tourism has on society and the environment and, as a leading company, we cannot forget our social responsibility. It is our way of being and, without a doubt, we will continue on this path that we started years ago".

And he added, "our commitment lies in offering a superior holiday experience, something that is closely linked to responsible business management in all areas, economic, welfare, social and environmental. All our hotels take sustainability as a guiding principle and incorporate new management systems that guarantee a minimum impact on the environment, the promotion of culture and the local economy".