Everything about sustainable tourism

New brand image and new sustainable tourism areas

Our 2018 is still full of news in which we have been working for months. We have developed new tools that will allow us to be closer to you, whether you are a destination, company or tourist. Thus, we are presenting today some of our greatest surprises for this year: our new brand image (you can now see it on all our social networks) and the Responsible Tourism Institute's new website. These developments were done with the clear goal of allowing you to get to know us better, join us and approach sustainability in the tourism sector in the easiest way.

 This change is aesthetic but also conceptual: we have combined the image of RTI and Biosphere, establishing a direct connection between each other to integrated them as the whole that they are: on the one hand, the institution that gives origin and support to our certification system and, on the other hand, the brand or certification tool that we have been using for more than 20 years.

 Our aim is to modernize our image and project through it, in a clearer way, our future goals. Also, we want to offer a more homogeneous and simple service for any interested stakeholder.

 In addition, we continue working in order to give you new tools that bring you closer to sustainability. Among other things, we have created an online auditing system that allows small tourist companies to obtain our certification in a simpler and affordable way.

 We have also created the figure of the Responsible Manifesto, a document that allows you to start enjoying the advantages of being part of Biosphere without having to invest economically. So your first steps will be simpler.


Closing the circle: a new area for the tourist

 The purpose of all of this process is to provide the tourist, as a final recipient, sustainable experiences. With this third pillar, we hope to close what we have wanted to call the 'circle of sustainability'. Thus, we will not only be responsible for certifying tourist destinations (covering the public sector) and companies (covering the private sector), but we will create - and will soon announce - a space for the final recipients, that is, citizens and tourists, through the Manifesto of the Responsible Company, and the Manifesto of the Responsible Traveler

 This project is linked to the figure of our sustainable tourism ambassadors, to which we will give specific promotion. Tourism Bloggers, television programs, media ... become allies of sustainability, as is the case of Diario de un Nómada, of TVE, the first television program in the world to obtain the Biosphere certificate.

 If you want to join us or receive information, do not hesitate to contact us.