New sustainable project in the Biosphere destination Guía de Isora

The Guía de Isora Town Council has opted for the installation of information tables in its coastal areas to illustrate and inform tourists about the marine biodiversity of the municipality from a sustainable perspective, taking advantage of augmented reality and QR technology.

Guía de Isora continues to make progress in its sustainable action plan proposed as a result of its certification as a Biosphere Destination, and on this occasion we would like to highlight the augmented reality information panels that have been placed on its coasts to improve the knowledge of its tourists and citizens about its seabed.

These information panels focus on the marine biodiversity of the municipality, sharing the existing problems of the marine fauna, as well as the possible solutions to which citizens and tourists can contribute to bring about change.

"We are also promoting diving as a tourist resource, as it is an opportunity to experience contact with nature and the seabed of the municipality, all from the knowledge and awareness to contribute to its conservation," says Lorena Medina, Isorran Councillor for Tourism Development.

All these tables have QR codes for direct access to the virtual reality platform that has been developed in the municipality, which you can now access by clicking here. But this initiative does not end with these panels; the Town Hall of Guía de Isora will reinforce these actions by distributing small format posters throughout the accommodation facilities as well as in tourist businesses.

What are you waiting for to visit this Biosphere destination? If you are thinking of visiting Guía de Isora, remember to go to the coast of Alcalá and Playa de San Juan to enjoy these wonderful panels.