Ohtels certifies all the hotels of the chain with Biosphere

The thirteen establishments of the hotel chain work on their sustainability and obtain the Biosphere certificate.

Since the presentation of its Sustainability Plan in June 2022, Ohtels has been working on a process of continuous improvement in each of its establishments. Thus, as of today, all the hotels of the chain have the Biosphere Certified distinctive.

The Biosphere certification, the international management and recognition system in sustainability of the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI), endorses the commitment acquired by Ohtels in the field of sustainability, through the fulfillment of actions aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations 2030 Agenda. A certificate that promotes the practice of a more responsible tourism.

For Quim Oliva, Ohtels Sustainability Director, this result has been possible thanks to the work, effort and cooperation of all the people who are part of this hotel chain.

"It is a source of pride to see how everyone has been involved day after day in implementing these important changes. We receive daily proposals from all departments and hotels to continue improving," he said. For the hotel chain's Sustainability Director, "this demonstrates a clear change of mentality and the achievement of a new dimension in the way we work. We have also passed this on to our clients, who feel that they are contributing to improving our environmental impact during their vacations.

Ohtels Sustainability Plan

Last season 2022, Ohtels presented a Sustainability Plan in which it outlined its objectives until 2032, demonstrating its commitment to the environment and responsible tourism in its hotels and offices. A commitment that has been made evident in the Biosphere certification of all its establishments. Ohtels Sustainability Plan is mainly focused on three areas (Responsible consumption, CO2 footprint and awareness) with the aim of ensuring the minimum possible impact in the daily actions of each hotel.

During this past year, the hotel chain has continued with the implementation of recycling, reuse and reduction measures in all its establishments. This season, the hotels have created an original system to encourage guests to use reusable polypropylene cups for their drinks in outdoor areas.

Reforms and improvements for greater environmental sustainability

This season, Ohtels has also completed reforms in some of its establishments, which has allowed the implementation of improvements to optimize the use of facilities through monitoring and control and investment in more efficient technologies with the aim of reducing the CO2 footprint. These measures have gradually been installed in all the chain's establishments.

In five of the Ohtels in the Costa Dorada area, photovoltaic solar energy panels have been installed to reduce electricity consumption to the minimum necessary (Ohtels La Hacienda, in La Pineda; Ohtels Vila RomanaOhtels Belvedere and Ohtels Villa Dorada, in Salou; and Ohtels Les Oliveres, in the Ebro Delta). The same applies to four Ohtels in Andalusia: Ohtels CarabelaOhtels Mazagón and Ohtels Islantilla, on the Costa de la Luz, and Ohtels Cabogata, on the coast of Almería.

In total they have more than 2680 panels installed in the hotels, which is equal to more than 1220 kW of power that generate 1.5GWh annually. Thanks to this, Ohtels has managed to reduce the equivalent of more than 1500 tons of CO2 per year.

On the other hand, ways have been developed to offer the equipment of all the chain's establishments a second life, promoting their reuse. In addition to this, the use of sustainable amenities in the rooms and recycled materials in its restaurants (something that Ohtels has been doing for several seasons now), without forgetting the daily work it has been doing with the APP Too Good To Go in all its hotels for a year now, with the aim of making the most of the surplus from its restaurants.

In addition, Ohtels is working to reduce food surplus in its restaurants, making collaborations with Caritas and the Food Bank and in the field of electric and sustainable mobility, as they have installed electric vehicle charging stations in the hotels and parking spaces for this purpose.

Awareness-raising: a key commitment for Ohtels

Incorporating more sustainable habits and actions on a daily basis is one of Ohtels' major commitments through the awareness of everyone: employees, customers and suppliers.

Last season, Ohtels implemented specific animation programs in the chain's hotels based on activities related to sustainability, something that continues during this 2023 after the success generated. Some of these activities also collaborate with charitable causes, such as Good Karma Projects, an NGO dedicated to action, education and awareness.