Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, signs the Biosphere Destination letter of commitment

The president of the Puerto Iguazú Tourism Board, Leopoldo Lucas, has signed the Letter of Commitment for a more sustainable tourism in the destination, with the help of the Responsible Tourism Institute.

Concern for sustainability continues to make its way around the world. More and more destinations are concerned about aligning their policies with a more responsible management of their resources and from the RTI we are pleased to welcome the Argentine destination Puerto Iguazú to the Biosphere system of responsible tourism.

With the signing of the Letter of Commitment, the president of the Puerto Iguazú Tourism Board, Leopoldo Lucas, begins the path for the continuous improvement of tourism sustainability of Puerto Iguazú as a Biosphere destination, hand in hand with the Responsible Tourism Institute.

Last Friday, January 20, 2023, the president of the Responsible Tourism Institute and the institutional personalities of Puerto Iguazú met at Fitur to sign the "Letter of Commitment to Sustainable Tourism in Puerto Iguazú", with the objective of promoting a new model of tourism development that effectively contributes to the maintenance and protection of the heritage, cultural and natural assets of the destination, as well as the welfare of its local population and visitors.

This act is the first step in a process to achieve that Puerto Iguazu is recognized for its sustainable work and good practices, achieving an international recognition of Certification that reflects its efforts to meet the 17 SDGs of the United Nations to build a quality destination, for locals and tourists, ensuring the balance between economic, socio-cultural and environmental, leading to a new model of sustainable tourism development.

From Biosphere and the ITR, we hope to continue sharing achievements of the destination in its path towards continuous improvement and we are proud that the concern to find a more responsible tourism model continues to add Biosphere allinados to our large international community of destinations and companies aligned with the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.