Rurrenabaque: Madidi - Pampas is now certified as a Biosphere Destination!

The Bolivian destination begins its journey on sustainability by receiving the Biosphere Destination certification on February 12th.

We are proud to announce that Rurrenabaque: Madidi-Pampas destination has become Bolivia's first destination to receive the Biosphere certification of sustainability. It now belongs to the Biosphere Destination Community (BDC). 

This certification, internationally recognized and with which numerous destinations in Latin America, North and Central America and Europe , will allow Rurrenabaque to achieve great international visibility in the tourism market, positioning itself as sustainable and attracting all those visitors interested on this philosophy.

For the Biosphere certification to be carried out, a thorough collaboration with the public administration of Rurrenabaque: Madidi-Pampas has been necessary to make improvements in sustainable management, economic and social development, conservation and improvement of cultural heritage, environmental conservation and quality, safety and involvement of the visitor.