Sitges, third year as “Biosphere Destination”.

The implementation of the 2017-2022 Tourism Quality Plan - highlighting its diversity and differential features - and the current management of the beaches were the strengths of the audit that has allowed Sitges to renew its status as a ‘Biosphere Destination’. This certificate is granted by the Responsible Tourism Institute, an agency linked to UNESCO, a partner of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

Sitges continues its strong commitment to quality, environmental sustainability and social responsibility as a tourist destination, three fundamental points for the international standard that are evaluated by ITR to grant the ‘Biosphere Destination’ certificate. Proof of this is that, this year, Sitges has managed to renew this certification achieved three years ago, in the summer of 2016.

With this porpoise, the location has undergone an audit that has revealed the implementation of the Tourism Quality Plan 2017-2022 as one of its strengths. This has been elaborated from a process focus on improving the sector, where around thirty people from diverse areas have worked in. This document establishes the fields of action of Sitges from a tourist point of view, valuing its diversity and differential features. A road map that starts from a position of sustainable and intelligent development.

Another of Sitges' strengths, according to what is reflected in the audit, is the current management of beaches, aimed at obtaining environmental certifications. The audit has also revealed points to improve in social and economic development.

This ‘Biosphere Destination’ certification is granted by the Institute for Responsible Tourism, an organization linked to UNESCO, a partner of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. This institute was created after a World Conference on Sustainable Tourism held in Lanzarote in 1995, three years after the creation of  “Sustainable Development” at the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

To renew this Biosphere Certification again next year, in April 2020, Sitges City Council works on a new Action Plan, with commitments to improve the destination in a more sustainable way and in response to improvement points.

The renewal of this certification must comply - or be in the process of doing so - the 112 issues included in the Biosphere standard, grouped into four major work areas: Instruments for a responsible tourism policy, Social and economic development of the destination, Conservation and improvement of cultural heritage and Environmental conservation.

Businessmen of the sector also have the option of becoming a compromised company (by the adhesion to the destination) with the Biosphere Certification to achieve the excellence of the destination. For this, the Tourism Department offers advice on the steps to follow, commitments and benefits.

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