Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards 2020

Nominations Close: 30 June 2020
The Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards grant recognition to companies from the public and private sector, NGOs, government agencies and educational institutions worldwide that carry on best practices in terms of sustainable and responsible tourism around the globe.


Why should you enter these Awards?

  • To enhance visibility and get recognition of your outstanding performance in terms of sustainable and responsible tourism.
  • To increase your contacts and introduce your products and services to professionals from the tourism industry from all over the world.
  • To obtain media coverage among the entire Skål membership worldwide and our international press contacts.


Available categories:


  1. Community and Government Projects
  2. Countryside and Biodiversity
  3. Educational programmes and Media
  4. Major Tourist Attractions
  5. Marine and Coastal
  6. Rural Accommodation
  7. Tour Operators-Travel Agents
  8. Tourist Transport
  9. Urban Accommodation


How to Enter

Simply complete the Application Form. You will be also asked to attach a letter of endorsement from a Skål Club or another tourism organization, tourism government agency or local tourism authorities.  


Awards Ceremony

The 19th Sustainable Tourism Awards ceremony was going to take place during the 2020 Skål World Congress, however, this important event that every year gathers travel executives from all around the world has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Skål International wishes, however, to grant recognition to those entities worldwide that work hard towards sustainability and responsible tourism and will be delighted to present them with Certificates of Recognition. 

Special Award 2020

Skål International has established a partnership with Biosphere Tourism and the Responsible Tourism Institute, to give the ‘Special Skål Biosphere Award’ that will be presented to one of the winners of the Sustainable Tourism Awards.


Full information


For queries regarding the Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards 2020, please contact us.