Sustainability lands on Ibiza

The catering company Aiyanna, which also integrates Amante Ibiza, is the first restaurant to achieve international certification of its good business practices in the Pitiusas Islands.

The Aiyanna Ibiza restaurant is the first hospitality company in the Pitiusas Islands to receive the Biosphere Certification, awarded by the RTI (Responsible Tourism Institute), demonstrating with this seal its alignment with the 2030 Agenda and the 17 SDGs of the United Nations.

Carlos Monter, founding partner and CEO of the company, expresses his pride and satisfaction for "being the first company in Ibiza to receive the certification", and affirms that this fact "at the same time shows the long way to go in terms of sustainability in the Balearic Islands".

The catering company, which also integrates Amante Ibiza, sets an important precedent for tourism companies in the Balearic Islands that aim to integrate the circular economy as an intrinsic value of their business. In the words of Mr. Monter, this milestone "is a success for the entire Aiyanna team and highlights the common goal of the whole group to generate a positive impact that ensures the long-term sustainability of the destination and also that of our core economic activity".

Likewise, the island's director of Tourism Promotion of Ibiza, Juan Miguel Costa, stressed that "this recognition is proof that on the island of Ibiza there are many companies, such as Aiyanna, that have decided to follow the path of sustainability, circularity and care for our environment. A private sector effort that must be valued and that is the only way for Ibiza to continue to be a leading destination and a reference worldwide".

From the Responsible Tourism Institute itself, its General Secretary, Patricio Azcárate, assures that "the achievement of the Aiyanna restaurant demonstrating its efforts and good practices is a precedent for the Ibizan tourism sector, and we hope that it will serve as an inspiration for other restaurants and tourism companies in the Balearic Islands to participate in systems that allow them to differentiate their business models with more sustainable actions in their daily activity".



Aiyanna, located in Cala Nova, implements a solid circular economy strategy to minimise the impact of its activity. Since its opening in 2017, the restaurant has gradually and naturally expanded its commitment.

Specifically, the restaurant integrates the use of green energy, as well as a water reuse system that reduces water consumption. Aiyanna is also committed to the reduction and reuse of waste, such as the production of glasses from glass bottles and the production of compost that is already being used as fertiliser in the restaurant's vegetable garden. A project that customers will be able to experience first-hand in 2023 with the incorporation of products harvested from the plantation itself and which joins the wide range of 0 km products on its current menu. At the same time, the company is working with the community and institutions to promote improvement actions in the municipality itself, as well as with COFIB for the protection of the Pitiusa lizard.

As the general manager explains, "many of our projects and initiatives are viable thanks to the collaboration with companies on the island. What's more, 99% of the restaurant's suppliers are local". In this sense, Monter believes that there are many people in Ibiza "getting their act together" to offer real solutions and alternatives for restaurant companies and it is our duty to approach them".

In this sense, the manager insists on the importance of positive collaboration: "Sustainability is not a goal, it is a process that requires the cooperation of everyone, public and private enterprise". In other words, as Monter points out: "We are very clear: either you are there, or you simply won't be there".

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