Tenerife renews its Biosphere Destination certificate.

The destination continues in its efforts to promote and implement more sustainable actions

Tenerife renews its certification as a "Biosphere Destination" after successfully completing the audit conducted by the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI). This audit aimed to ratify that the destination's commitment to the methodology based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), first certified in 2021, remains in place and improvements are being made in the fulfillment of all the SDGs.

Over a period of approximately four months, a team from RTI and Tourism of Tenerife met with technical staff from different areas of the Island Council to evaluate and review the commitments adopted, as well as to incorporate new actions in this commitment.

In its report, the RTI highlights the work done by Tenerife in several key areas. These include reducing water pollution, energy conservation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and proper waste management. In addition, the improvement in tourist information and the joint effort with the different actors involved in the tourism sector are highlighted.

The renewal of the Biosphere Destination distinction recognizes the destination's continued commitment to sustainability at the economic, social and environmental levels, and reinforces its position as one of the benchmarks in the work for tourism sustainability.