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The adventure of Corporate Social Responsibility

As stated in Newton's third law, every action has a reaction in the opposite direction. Remaining with the idea of ​​this message we can draw the conclusion that every act we do will have a reflection on ourselves and our environment. Applying this concept is of great importance in trying to understand the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is a way of directing and managing our company from a point of view that takes into account the impact we generate on different elements with which we interact in the business activity. Owing to the above mentioned concept, all activity has a direct reflection on its customers, employees, local communities, the environment or society in general.

Given this, establishing and being consistent with a series of ethical commitments is of great importance so that our business strategy and all the decisions that are taken, have a point of view that is consistent with our responsibility. One of the main goals of a responsible and consistent social policy is to generate a tangible value both for the company itself and for all the elements involved in its economic activity and in society in general.

The CSR can be focused on different scopes that affect different areas, but the main effects could be cataloged in the economic, social and environmental areas. Conducting a responsible environmental activity is of vital importance focused on the trends of depletion and destruction of natural resources and the high social and economic impact of the destruction of nature.

Troka Abentura, within the responsibility with the environment, offers companies the possibility to carry out different CSR activities to take a step forward in the awareness of the companies in the environment. RSC GARBI (clean in Euskara, Basque language) is a program that offers the possibility of carrying out cleaning actions of natural areas such as estuaries, cliffs, beaches and other spaces. The RSC experience is made by combining this cleaning with activities such as Coasteering or Big Sup so the experience offers an exceptional opportunity to combine an activity in the natural environment with an action with a direct impact on the environment.

Through this option we get to participate in all the links of the company that influence the economic activity and thus to internalize the benefits and the importance of carrying out a responsible action. The benefits will be for both the company and society in general, a performance in which we all win.